After traveling through Europe on vacation the past couple of weeks, nothing said I was home more than grabbing a slice of New York pizza!

Deciding to do a blog post on the topic, I wanted to find out who the “big cheeses” were in the pizza world and see if I could find some insight into their web strategies.

Using the Keyword Destination tool on to get a list of sites referred to by a broad match for the generic keyword “pizza”, I quickly found that and were the hands-down winners.  Approximately 16% of all “pizza” related search referrals went to and 5.8% went to

Both Pizzahut and Dominos showed strong consumer brand recognition, as seen by looking at branded vs. non-branded search referral data collected by Compete:

With similar patterns in historical UV traffic, these two brands were ripe for comparison:

You would think that two strongly similar brands would show similar ad spend profiles, but I was surprised to see that visitors referred to via a search engine were 1.8X more likely to have reached the site through a paid search link as visitors to

What’s the difference?

Using again to analyze keyword search referrals to the two brands provided a bit more insight:

For the sake of brevity I am just including a few keywords, but the general trend was the same.  Pizzahut seems to struggle to rank for organic traffic for long-tail phrases, even those containing their brand name. Paid search helps augment low SERP placement by artificially ranking Pizzahut ahead of the couponing sites vying for this sort of referral.

The Bottom Line:

While there are certainly more “slices to the pie” that this brief analysis can’t cover, the bottom line is that there is a constant struggle going on behind the scenes between large brands and third party sites looking to ride on their coattails through coupon offerings, referral links, and product reviews.  If you find your manager questioning the value of SEO, consider that the average CPC for a “pizza” broad-match term was $0.63 (source: google adwords keyword estimator), and in Q2-2011 approximately 5 million search referrals were sent to both and Strong SEO efforts can translate into significant savings through reduced ad spend on paid search!

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In a recent report from Nielsen, Google snagged 40 percent of the smartphone market, while Apple captured approximately 28 percent — up just barely .01 percentage point from last year. This report coincides with findings filed earlier this week by ComScore, citing Google with 41.8 percent market share and Apple with 27 percent, up one whole percentage point from last year. Diving a bit deeper, Nielsen found that around 33 percent of people planning to buy a smartphone in the next year want an iPhone, while another 33 percent would prefer an Android. The tie between those who want an Android v. an iOS phone fluctuated when Nielsen asked the “early adopters” within the group what kind of phone they are hoping to cop. 40 percent of “innovators” said they would like a phone on Google’s OS, while 32 percent want a bite of the Apple — leaving a mere 28 percent of self-proclaimed tech junkies desiring something else, like a BlackBerry or Windows Phone. Perhaps these figures are an indication that Google will remain on top for 2012, or will there be an upset? Only time will tell.

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Microsoft often likes to boast that it has multiple billion dollar revenue businesses, but there should be no mistake about what’s driving its profits: Windows and Office, with Servers And Tools kicking in a little bit extra.

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Bitcoin, for those not aware, is a completely digital currency — one where exchanges between individuals are largely anonymous and secured through cryptography, and one that has seen its hype-meter go off the charts in recent months. That, inevitably, has had some people waiting for a fall, and it took a big one this week. While things have since bounced back, the value of the currency on the so-called Mt. Gox exchange dropped from around $17.50 to just one cent in a matter of moments during the early hours of June 20th — a drop that’s since been attributed to a compromised account. Thanks to a daily withdrawal limit, however, that apparently only resulted in $1,000 actually being stolen, and a claims process has now been set up for those affected.

While not directly related to the sell off, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (or EFF) also dealt a bit of a blow to the upstart currency this week, when it announced that it would no longer be accepting Bitcoin donations. According to the organization, that’s both because it doesn’t “fully understand the complex legal issues involved with creating a new currency system,” and because it doesn’t want its acceptance of Bitcoins misconstrued as an endorsement of Bitcoin. Head on past the break for an account of the aforementioned plunge as it happened.

[Thanks, Zigmar; image: Wikipedia]

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Everytrail Helps You Find Your Next Outdoor AdventureFiguring out where you next adventure will be can be tough. Whether you are just looking for something fun to do this Saturday or something a bit more broad like a trip to a different country, is an awesome tool for those who like to get out and go. takes geo-tagged information from mobile devices and Garmin GPS units to create an interactive map of trip you or someone else has taken, and once uploaded to their website you can add photos and commentary to your route and share it online for anyone else in the world to download, so they can relive the exact same adventure you did.

The online tool is super easy for creating a route yourself, but if finding a new thing to do yourself is more your style, they have a huge database of thousands routes worldwide. You can search by location, or activity, making it super easy to find something to do no matter where you are. (Here’s a route I uploaded.)

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Tired of apps always getting in the way of your ads? There’s an app for that.

Update: Well, it looks like there’s a bit more to this story. It turns out a developer of a similar ad-only app informed us a while back that her Ads Tube app (demoed after the break) was rejected by Apple because there was “not enough user functionality.” Guess it finally worked out that problem itself.

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